Our Team

Colleen Van Rooy – President and Co-Founder


Colleen works at CaptionCall, installing captioned phones to those with hearing loss. Having hearing loss herself, she loves all the hearing assistance technologies that are available today. Colleen lends a hand in many different volunteer capacities including assisting at Pillar’s, a homeless shelter in Appleton, providing assistance as a dog walker for the Humane Association, and volunteering her time at both the Wisconsin State and Fox Valley Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Chuck and their four children, three of which have hearing loss too. Colleen enjoys working with our Hear in the Fox Cities team helping children receive hearing aids and living life to its full potential!

Andrew Hetzel Jr. – Treasurer

Mr. Andy Hetzel Jr. is the owner and CEO of NPS Corporation, a manufacturer and marketer of janitorial paper and spill control products, headquartered in Green Bay, WI. Mr. Hetzel serves on the Hear in the Fox Cities board as Treasurer and member of the fundraising committee. As someone with a longstanding severe hearing loss who has worn hearing aids since childhood, helping children and young adults obtain hearing aids is a mission that is personal to him.

Wendy Goldinger – Secretary

Wendy, along with her husband and two of their four adult children live in Appleton. Two other sons, along with their wives, live out of state. She is a new business case manger at Thrivent Financial. She became involved with Hear in the Fox Cities after her son was referred by an audiologist when his hearing aids needed replacement. 

Dr. Juliette Sterkens – Public Advocacy

Dr. Juliette Sterkens retired from her private audiology practice in Oshkosh, WI to volunteer as the National Hearing Loop Advocate for the Hearing Loss Association of America. In this capacity she presents at professional conferences and consumer events on the benefits and the use of hearing aids and hearing loops. Her efforts have leveraged over 750 induction hearing loops in WI including 425 churches and many more beyond. She serves on the HLAA National Get in the Hearing Loop (GITHL) committee and is actively involved with the Oshkosh Food Corp membership and capital campaigns. Dr. Sterkens holds a Doctor of Audiology degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences. For her efforts she has received several awards including the WI Audiologist of the Year, the American Academy of Audiology Presidential Award, the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Arizona School of Health Sciences and the Larry Mauldin Award from Beltone, part of GN ReSound. She is the creator of www.loopwisconsin.com an informational website for consumers, AV specialists and hearing care professionals.

Dr. Heather Totman – Educational Advocacy

Dr. Heather Totman has been helping people with hearing loss and hearing concerns as an Audiologist for over 13 years. She has worked both in the clinical setting diagnosing hearing loss and fitting patients of all ages, and the educational setting helping children aged 3-21 manage difficult listening situations in the classroom and helping them advocate for themselves and their hearing loss. Dr. Totman earned her Doctor of Audiology from the joint UW Stevens Point and UW Madison program. She was recently named Audiologist of the Year in 2020. She lives with her husband and 2 boys in D Pere, and currently works as an Educational Audiologist in the Green Bay Area Public Schools. As a member of the Hear in the Fox Cities, she looks forward to being an advocate for parents and children in the Green Bay and surrounding areas.

Annie Knudson – Member at Large

Annie is a devoted mother and wife.  She lives in Appleton with her husband and son, Isaiah.  Annie wanted to become involved because Isaiah got his first hearing aids with help from Hear in the Fox Cities.  We can’t ever stop thinking about how grateful and thankful we are for the help we got from Hear in the Fox Cities. Annie has had severe hearing loss her entire life.  She grew up poor in South Korea.  Annie was sent to the US with her younger brother when she was 12 and didn’t get adopted until she was 15. She got her first hearing aids at 16 years old and it changed her life dramatically. Annie has worked in Cosmetology and in child care.  She currently is homeschooling Isaiah, but when he was in school, Annie was heavily involved with community outreach and managing school fund raising events. Annie wants to help other families like hers.  To help people with hearing problems so they can have a better, happy life.

Amanda Huycke – Member at Large

Dr. Stephanie Long – Advocacy and Co-Founder

Dr. Stephanie Long is an Audiologist and one of the Founders of Hear in the Fox Cities. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Iowa, Masters degree from Northwestern University, and her Doctor of Audiology from the University of Arizona. Dr. Long has helped individuals with hearing loss for over 20 years, with 14 spent caring for children in the school setting. Her work with Hear in the Fox Cities has earned her many awards including Audiologist of the Year and Outstanding Services Award from the Wisconsin Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She also recently won the Wisconsin 2019 nominee for the ASHA Louis M. DiCarlo Award and a finalist spot for the 2019 Oticon Focus on People Awards for her work through Hear in the Fox Cities.

Dr. Brittany Uitenbroek – Advocacy & Web Master

Dr. Brittany Uitenbroek is a local Audiologist at Fox Valley Hearing Center in Appleton WI, working with both children and adults with hearing loss. Dr. Uitenbroek received her Bachelor’s in Communicative Disorders from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and her Doctor of Audiology from Northern Illinois University. She is also state licensed, board certified from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is a member of the American Academy of Audiology. Knowing that untreated hearing loss can significantly impact children’s speech and language and academic performance, she supports Hear in the Fox Cities mission to provide amplification assistance to those in need so that every child may hear.